1965  Daughter of Ariana and Ion Nicodim, Ilinca is born October

          27th in Brasov, Romania, where she spends her early

          childhood with her maternal grandmother while her

          parents live modestly in Rome.

1968  After the Prague Spring, Ilinca's parents return to

          Romania. Ilinca splits her time between her parents and

          her grandmother in the country.

1970  Ilinca moves in with her parents and paternal

          grandparents in Bucharest. She takes individual

          French classes at a private school. 

1972  Her father enrols her in an experimental school in the

          Romanian capital where each teacher is specialised in

          one subject.

1977  Ion Nicodim moves to France. Ilinca visits him during her             summer vacation and discovers great museums for the

          first time.

1979  After a year living with her grandparents, Ilinca decides

          to join her parents in Paris.

1983  Awarded her high school leaving certificate (A-Levels), but

          fails the entrance competition for the IDHEC (Institute for

          Advanced Cinematographic Studies). Ilinca enrols into the

          law school at Sceaux.

1985  Leaves law school to follow a history of art programme

          at the Sorbonne.

1989  Awarded a master's degree in the history of

          contemporary art. She joins the "cultural projects"

          department of an Italian pharmaceutical firm.

1992  Resigns from the aforementioned company.

1993  Becomes a press attaché at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

1996  Resigns from UNESCO to work free-lance.

1998  Enrols in CELSA, a French journalism and communications

          school, and obtains a master's degree in communications.

1999  Unable to find employment in communications, Ilinca

          begins her first creations.

2001  Marries Patrick Gèze.

          She continues creating and is involved closely with her 

          parents' exhibitions, handling public relations in particular.

2007  After the death of Ion Nicodim in Paris, Ilinca decides to

          split her time between Paris and Bucharest where she

          begins working in her father's studio. She makes her first

          bronze table, a project she had wanted her father to


2009  First solo show at Artmark Gallery in Bucharest in May.

          Ilinca works more and more with Professor Grigore Minea.

          Participates in the travelling Romanian exhibition

          "Travellers in Space and Time."  During the summer, the

          Constanta (Romania) Museum of Art organises an exhibit

          of her jewellery. From September to November, the

          cultural centre Palatele Brancovenesti of Mogosoaia

          (near Bucharest) sets aside a room for an exhibition of

          her work. Until January 15th 2010 the Galateea Gallery

          in Bucharest hosts her exhibit "Unusual Route" .